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lost book of remedies
lost book of remedies reviews

What is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book Of Remedies is an extremely useful book for those who want to discover how important the plants around us are and what healing properties they have.

The book contains detailed images so that anyone can quickly identify the plant you need. You will also find information that will show you whether a plant is edible or not, this information being necessary if you stay in the forest and need food.

The book itself is a real challenge because it encourages you to search. Many plants around us are weeds, but others are useful. The author of the book included information on how to grow plants in your own backyard.
lost book of remedies review

Who is the author?

The authors of this book are Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis.

Claude Davis is the principal author of this book, which is based on physician and survival expert. He has over ten years in the field, managing to accumulate a lot of knowledge about nature’s healing power. He, along with his family, has developed herbal remedies and treatments from generation to generation.

The knowledge gained from generation to generation, as well as the study, led Claude Davis to release more books on survival and healing, but The Lost Book Of Remedies is the most important of these.

For this book to be as detailed as possible, he worked with Nicole Apelian, who is an expert in survival techniques working for years in the Peace Corps.

After spending time in Africa and learning all about the relationship between natural medicine and humans on the continent, Dr. Apelian continued her education.

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She received her doctorate, focusing on Cultural Anthropology and sustainability. Since obtaining her doctorate, Dr. Apelian has served as an adjunct professor at Prescott College and has instructed thousands of students at schools worldwide.

The most significant benefit of The Lost Book Of Remedies is the ability to treat those around you at no cost. You just need this book that contains information about herbs and herbs that you can prepare to treat certain health problems. People have always developed treatments and remedies for different health problems, but all the time, it has caused some remedies to be forgotten.

The Lost Book Of Remedies pdf contains information that very few people currently know. This book contains information about herbs that are actually medicinal and have healing properties.

It has suggestive images so you can easily identify a particular plant to avoid any confusion that may arise. In addition to information on the healing properties of certain plants, you will discover which plants are edible and which are not. This information is useful if you run out of food in the forest and want to survive using what you have around you.

lost book of remedies download free pdflost book of remedies download

The Lost Book Of Remedies also has a pdf version and is a challenge for many of you, because finding the right plants is not so easy, many of them being weeds. The author also included some pointers on how to grow them in your yard. Not all plants will thrive in the garden, but this book will teach you how to harvest and keep them for future use. Download also the pdf version.


Is this book useful and what are the benefits it offers?

The book is a true work of art worth every dollar you invest.

This offers a lot of benefits, among which we can list:

– The Lost Book Of Remedies offers a complete list of anti-inflammatory herbs and instructions on how to grow them so they can be used later to treat wounds or ease pain;

– Another important shared remedy is about the marshmallow plant and its antiviral properties. The book would teach you how to use the marshmallow plant’s roots and flowers to cure illness and several health issues.

– You also learn how to treat flu, herpes and several other infections. The remedies shared in this guide would slow down bacterial growth and help battle your body’s free radicals.

According to the authors’ data, the natural remedies detailed in the book are powerful enough to treat diseases from their roots.

– By purchasing the book, you will also get a guide to help you manage any situation in the event of a disaster.

lost book of remedies reviews

the lost book of remedies reviewWhy Buy The Lost Book Of Remedies?


  • It is a source of natural remedies using herbs.
  • The book recalls the benefits of the plants we find around us.
  • It promotes natural healing and a healthy lifestyle through the use of plants.
  • It is extremely well documented and contains images to choose just the right plants.
  • It contains all the steps necessary for you to prepare the remedies.
  • There are no adverse reactions due to the use of natural remedies
  • You will learn how to grow herbs in your own garden.
  • It is a much more accessible product than pharmaceuticals
  • It offers you the necessary knowledge to treat your home with minimal costs-  The remedies detailed in the book are tested and medically proven
  • Remedies facilitate and promote holistic healing
  • You will save money by using the medicines described in the book
  • Decreases the chance of side effects
  • Cures are natural and free of toxins
  • All the treatments and treatments described in the book are safe
  • It allows you to use a holistic healing approach
  • You can customize your treatments to meet your needs
  • All remedies are easy to prepare, also you can read the pdf book
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee



  • It takes patience to be able to prepare home remedies.
  • The smell of certain medicines can be the right deterrent
  • Attention is needed because some of these products have strong effects.
  • There are high chances of not having access to every plant mentioned in the book
  • Some remedies mentioned require time and patience to be prepared
  • Not every method works for every situation


How clients review The Lost Book of Remedies?

the lost book of remedies

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review testimonial the lost book of remedies

lost book of remedies reviews


What is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book Of Remedies is an extremely well-documented electronic book that includes all the tools, techniques and natural remedies needed during the crisis.

This book was written by Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian, both being specialists in survival, medicine and medicine.


Can I download as pdf The Lost Book Of Remedies?

Yes, you can download it and use it on mobile, tablet or computer.


How does the information in the book work?

There are numerous clear photographs for each medicinal plant, which is easily accessible throughout North America. You will see a lot about herbs and get clear pictures to choose the right plant.

the lost book of remedies

Where can I get such a guide?

You can download this guide from its official website by clicking the link here.


What are the biggest disadvantages of this book?

The main disadvantages offered by The Lost Book Of Remedies are that it takes time, patience, and a lot of discipline to find and use certain plants in the making of medicines, but you will save money that you would normally have—spent on medicines.

lost book of remedies reviews


If you are one of those people who now realize that Mother Nature provides everything you need to survive, then you should get a copy of this book. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get treatment for any form of the disease. Here you find all the pieces of information you need to make a decision and download the book.

You also don’t have to suffer the harmful side effects of expensive drugs. Mother nature has all the cures you need and many more. It will not only help you heal your illness, it will help you become even healthier. This book could be the answer to all your medical problems

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