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Review Trusted is the place where you will find useful information about digital products, ebooks, audio books and more. The purpose of all our articles is to give you an overview of the products we recommend. Each product is checked for and documented so that when we present it, we are convinced that it will only bring you benefits and that every invested money will not be regretted.
Also, in order to purchase the products we are presenting, you must know that you will need to purchase the manufacturers’ site or click on the buttons, banners or links that will send you to their pages.

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The Review Trusted team’s mission is to create a connection between the demand expressed and the products sought.
We actively monitor the products presented, and if a product becomes inefficient we will specify all its weaknesses, but our mission is to keep you quality reviews.

What are the benefits of Trusted Review:

  1. We check the products we promote, and you will be able to find out our point of view on the products that really bring you a benefit.
  2. We monitor the online reviews and the evolution of the products promoted by us in articles. A product that becomes inefficient or is reported by several people as inefficient will have an updated review with the new information.
  3. The reviews used come from reliable and verifiable sources, so that all reviews of a product are taken after Facebook or directly from users.

Document yourself before you buy, but if you are in a panic, tell us and we will document a certain product for you.

trusted reviewsHow are reviews perceived and what is their impact on an online store or a product or service?
When customers want to buy a product / service and read reviews posted by other people, they are guided by 2 things: their quantity and quality.
– The number of reviews posted, ie how many people bought that product or service, denotes the popularity of the product;
– The rating given to the product by the customers designates the quality of the product.
63% of users are more likely to make a purchase from an online store that has reviews published by other customers.
In this way, besides the price of the product / service, brand or other details, the opinion of the other customers becomes a factor that influences the decision to buy that product.
There is no perfect product or service that only enjoys positive reviews. It is important that the site also be allowed to display negative reviews. These do not harm the site or the product. A negative review in addition to another 20 positive reviews only validates the other reviews.
By allowing both positive and negative reviews, show that you are transparent and your results will improve. At the same time, reviews should be viewed as a chance to optimize products.
Reviews play an extremely important role in our purchasing decisions. Whether it is a clothing item, a device, a laptop, a phone or even a book or course, we will always analyze if the product has reviews.
According to a case study, 91% of people read reviews regularly or occasionally, and 84% of clients trust them, much like a personal recommendation from a friend or relative.

Why to use Review Trusted?

As I said above it is important to read reviews of the products or services you purchase because:

  1. Minimize the chances of a bad purchase

Surely you happened to like a product and want to buy it, and after reading about it, you discovered that it had many problems.

  1. Price

Often, documenting an acquisition can bring you a price reduction. There are many sites that you will find reviews for products, and these can offer you coupons, discounts or can direct you to a site with a much lower price.

  1. Alternatives

Reviews are useful because in many of them you will find comparisons, which means that in your search for a product, you may find a product superior to it at a much better price.
Document yourself before making a purchase, because you may get a much better quality product at a lower price.

  1. Learn

Reviews are useful because they help you discover the product and at the same time you will learn what its strengths are and what their weaknesses are. You will also discover tips, tricks, benefits or hidden functions.
We recommend you to document any purchase, because in this way you will only make good decisions!

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