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Did the person you were aiming for and without whom your life makes sense just left you? Then I invite you to read this review, giving you all the details about a system by which you can make the person who left you return to you. Text your ex back review will help you to understand the product before you buy it.
text your ex back

What is “Text Your Ex Back”?

You certainly have doubts because it is quite difficult to get a person to come back to you especially if the separation was ugly, but this ebook contains effective and proven techniques that bear fruit. Text Your Ex Back offers important information on how to cope with a breakup, how to regain confidence in your own powers and how to get your loved one back.

The examples you will find in this guide are not among the most normal, many of them being significantly extreme, but this is because the author wants to prove his theories. Don’t you think you can determine who to turn to? Read on and you’ll be convinced!


Why Should You Buy “Text Your Ex Back”?

  1. It is an extremely elaborate guide and contains many cases that cover many possible situations that we can face in everyday life.
  2. It can be purchased at a low price if we balance the value of the relationship you will save or the effects it will have on your person.
  3. Although some notions, concepts or theories may seem rather vague, they really work.
  4. If you are not satisfied, I can ask for your money back
  5. Contains important information that will help you understand why the break-up has been reached
  6. Contains tips and tricks by which you can make your loved one return
  7. It offers solutions to confused people, but also answers to the problems you face
  8. You will find a complete list of messages you can send to win the heart of your ex
  9. A complete texting plan that you cand follow easy
  10. Ideas on how you can improve your relationship, etc.


Why not buy Text Your Ex Back?

  1. Not all texts and information will fit your personality or your relationship, so it is advisable to browse all the content and filter the information from your own perspective.
  2. Does not contain enough information on how to make your relationship stronger after your ex has returned to your life. However, it is normal for this to happen because the purpose of the ebook is to win your ex, and for creating stronger relationships you can read other books.

text your ex back

What does Text Your Ex Back contain?

When you purchase the program you will get an ebook with 11 very well structured modules and relevant information, tested and that will help you rebuild your relationship, but also audio and video files.

The author of “Text Your Ex Back” is Michael Fiore. This is a relationship coach with experience. He also wrote “Text Your Wife into Bed” and “Text her into bed.”


The 11 modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction

The author will present you briefly the information that you will read during the course.

  • Module 2: The Dumper and The Dumped

This module explains the differences between women and men on a psychological level and offers a great deal of information on understanding the main reasons for the breakup.

  • Module 3: The Big Goal

By going through this module you will discover the real reason why you want to regain your ex back. Although you could say that you wish to the ex in your life because you cannot live without too much of him/her, the truth behind it is another.

This module will help you to be honest with yourself.

  • Module 4: Flight Check

This is the final check before you land on the mission – texting your ex back. Everything about checking your mental stability, check if your vision and goals are clear, and that isn’t crack.

  • Modules 5. Judo Text

In this chapter you will learn how to send short and efficient messages so that the former returns to you.

  • Module 6: Across the Bow

This chapter is significant because it deals with how you need to send messages so that you are not desperate and extremely subtle so that your ex thinks about the time spent together and regrets the breakup.

  • Module 7: Prepping the Soil

The title is extremely explanatory. In this chapter, you will learn how to make discussions much more intimate, interesting and exciting. Although it seems difficult, “Text Your Ex Back” contains in this chapter the steps by which I can do this.

  • Module 8: The Green-Eyed Monster

In this chapter you will learn how to restore sexual tension and attraction between you naturally. The author explains the steps to get all the things mentioned above by making the person jealous and how to attract their attention.

  • Module 9: Planting the seed

This chapter is dedicated to future plans and how you will act.

  • Module 10: Reaping the Harvest

At this point you will realize what the progress is and how the information so far has worked for you.

  • Module: Texting Steady

This chapter is about how to get what you want, namely your ex, to return to your life. In addition you will also find information on how to be a lover or a much better lover.

sms for ex



This program is helpful and extremely interesting, and the amount of money you have to give in order to regain your ex is small because it will save a relationship where you have invested much more than time or money.

Don’t let things get worse and get your ex back with simple, effective messages that will make them think about the relationship they just came from.

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