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Text Chemistry is a guide for woman’s who want to find there love. We all use Facebook, What’s app or Tinder apps for chatting. It’s time to use this apps for your benefit. Because we don’t see the person face to face it’s difficult to make a connection, but with text chemistry you can obtain more than that.
text chemistry

What is Text Chemistry?

If you wait for a man to call you or give you a message, it’s time to forget this anxiety feeling. Written communication makes a difference between getting a relationship with the right foot and a relationship that will happen only in your imagination.

Amy North, a relationship expert, wrote this e-books, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System, to help over 100,000 people get together. Here you will find a review of Text Chemistry that will help you decide to buy.



It’s easy to read and to use

You have e-books, videos and mp3

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You have to practice what you read.

text chemistry review

text chemistry reviews


If you are not pleased with the program, don’t worry, you can require your money back through the 60 days guarantee. You always your best friend advice about men’s, but now it’s the type to find the solution from an expert, Amy North. This review helps you to decide if it’s good or not to you.

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Why do you need Text Chemistry?

  • You can improve your communication skills with men’s, colleagues, friends, family and others. You will learn how to listen peoples and offer them what they need.


  • You can get involved in a relationship with a men that you want to be from a long time of period. Also it’s important to know how do you manage a relationship in order to make a family.


  • What trigger a men’s and woman’s. Do you think that only they have problems meeting us? No! They have the same problems. It’s important to know what make them fall in love and how to keep them attracted to you.


  • How you open a discussion with an unknown person. Text chemistry will give you lines of opening a set of peoples or only one that work. All of us want to be part of a group, it’s time for you to exit from house and meet beautiful peoples.


  • Why some men’s leave you? Some don’t deserve a person like you, others don’t want a relationship, others want just to have sex with you and other cases.


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Text chemistry program contain:

  • An e-book with
    • Rules for Texting
    • What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over
    • What to Text Him When…
  • 13 Video Series
    • Women’s Speak
    • How to Properly Use Jealousy
    • Visual Language
    • The Pros and Cons of Using Emojis
    • Early Texting Success Stories
    • The Power of Humor
    • Supernova Texts
    • Real Life Interaction 101
    • How to Cheer Up Your Man
    • Closing
  • 4 Bonus Programstext chemistry

text chemistry free program

The little things make a conversation to make well like:

  • Real interest. If you are not interested to know that person, you will not have a smooth conversation, because you have to pay more attention for what a men say not what you say. The feedback it’s very important.


  • Use humor. Every men like an woman who smile frequent and make him feel good every time when speak with you.


  • Be original. Even you have in the book rules for texting and examples of texts, you have to understand that you have to be you. When it’s time to be serious, be like that, when it’s time to be funny, don’t hesitate.


  • Be direct. When getting to know each other, if the men don’t make the first step, propose a meeting at a coffee. We are in the century of speed and if we want something we just go and get it.


  • Use your imagination. You don’t know what to say, just appeal to your creativity. You are an woman and you are born with an powerful chemistry in your head. In ancient times woman’s before an army go to war, ask an woman to look at their plans, and even she don’t understand what is there, she give them ideas that they never can think it.

text chemistry download free

What other say about Text Chemistry?

Maria from Seatle

I used Text Chemistry written by Amy North, and I’ve been immediately caught in this book. I tested some text with different guys, and I see how they can respond be in the way I expected. For me was incredible to raise the interest of the men about me with a simple text. So, thank you for this course!


Joana from Berlin

I used these texts on Tinder for the first time. I was skeptical, but when I saw how men talk with me, I realized its chemistry in that text. Now, I find a man who deserves me and we have a beautiful relationship.


Cinderela from London

A friend told me about this book, Text Chemistry and first I thought it’s a book of pick up lines for getting men, but it’s not. For me, work like magic,  I realized that my conversation is more fun, and when I want to speak about something serious, I just use a simple line to change the register of discussion.

text chemistry customer reviews

text chemistry program


So, this is the review for Text Chemistry, buy now from here.

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